Monday, August 2, 2010


Sometimes I'm not sure which is more inspiring: mouth-watering recipes paired with stunning shots of food... or all the adorable bakeware & kitchen novelties floating around out there.  

Take, for example, these measuring cups
I love elephants. I love baking. I love complete sets of measuring cups that are not always conveniently missing the cup you need at that exact moment. I am immediately running to Pier 1 to buy these in the morning.

Did I mention I love elephants? 

I love this new collection of entirely miniaturized dinnerware (especially the mini trifle bowls, parfait glasses, serving spoons, wine & martini glasses, ramekins, and tiny dessert shot glasses). Already I am subconsciously planning holiday parties, bite-size Christmas treats, & miniature New Year's Eve cocktails. And personally, the only thing better than a glass of wine is a mini glass of wine.

My boyfriend loves cookies. In college, his dorm was where you went if you had a sudden, unexplainable craving for a chocolate chip cookie at 2 AM (or oatmeal raisin, or my favorite... those big, soft sugar cookies studded with M&Ms). Smuggled out of the Dining Commons, of course, and almost as good as straight out of the oven. 

I blame him for my freshman 15. 

He also calls me Starfish.     

This cupcake cake pan brings out the little princess in me. I'm not sure whether it's the pink frosting or the sprinkles or the fact that that's just one really big cupcake, but it brings back memories of birthday parties and being covered in flour, armed with hot pink sugar sprinkles, & decorating cupcakes in the kitchen with my mom... and starts really dangerous thinking like, hey... I bet that would taste amazing infused with  chocolate chip ice cream...

I am not anticipating the day I move across state & am forced to say goodbye to my mother's KitchenAid mixer. With as often as I bake cookies & brownies (see above reference to my boyfriend), it's become a bit of a best friend.

Which is why I will immediately be purchasing this gorgeous blue mixer before any other useless frivolities, like bookshelves, dishes, electricity, running water...

Confession: I just wanted a reason to post my first entry & play with all these buttons & layouts & things. If you've made it this far, I promise far more interesting, food bloggy entries in the future. 

P.S. My new apron, from Disneyland!