Tuesday, December 3, 2013

150 Stocking Stuffers: The 2013 Edition!

It's here. It's officially Christmastime.

As I finish up my fifth and final week of work training, it's all I can do to stop myself from figuring out a way to bake sugar cookies and gingerbread in this  hotel room. There's a Christmas tree waiting at home, Hershey Hugs waiting in my freezer, and newly-bought Christmas ornaments in my car. At this point... I am literally fueling my Christmas obsession with daydreams, Pinterest, and peppermint iced coffees.  

A few years ago I wrote a post packed FULL of 150 stocking stuffer ideas. It was one of my favorite things to write... and everybody everywhere is pinning it right now (that and these peanut butter reindeer cookies).

This November, I've kept myself busy while work-traveling with an updated 2013 stocking stuffer gift guide. Stockings are a tradition in my family and our absolute favorite thing to shop for and open at Christmas... and today I'm sharing that obsession with you. 150 fun, creative ideas that men and women will actually want. You know. Like not oranges.

P.S. Links to the photos are in italics in the list below.  

For Women...

For Men...