Sunday, December 11, 2011

150 Stocking Stuffers.

Let's do this.


1. Make-up brushes.
2. Cookie scoop.
3. A cute apron, rolled up.
4. Bath puffs.
5. Mini bottles of wine.
6. Starbucks gift card.
7. Extra earring backs. Priceless.
8. Extra eyeshadow brushes or pressed powder puffs.
9. Does she bake? Cupcake liners. Sprinkles. Vanilla beans. Piping tips. A zester.
10. Earrings or bracelets.
11. A new coffee cup, tumbler, or thermos. Bonus points if filled with Hershey kisses or peanut butter cups.
12. Pretty make-up bag or travel-size jewelry box.
13. Ring holders. I like this one. 
14. Lipstick case. 
15. Small candles. 
16. Cute t-shirt, rolled up & tied with a bow. 
17. A small framed picture. Seriously, I think if my boyfriend took the time to find a picture of the two of us, frame it in a sparkly frame, wrap it up, and put it in my stocking, I would marry him immediately. I mean, bake him cookies.  
18. Their favorite Starbucks coffee syrup (like caramel or peppermint). 
19. Hair ties, bobby pins, headband. Whatever they put in their hair.
20. Eyeshadow.
21. Travel-size hair straightener/curler.
22. A personalized iPod or iPhone case. 
23. A Pan Am vintage-style luggage tag. Kind of loving this show. 
24. Individual boxes with one See's Candy truffle (less than $2). 
25. Pretty hardcase wallet.
26. From Trader Joes: Salted caramel. Cookie butter. Mini peanut butter cups. Smashing s'mores.
27. Make-up remover. 
29. Make-up brush cleaner.
30. A jar of Nutella. 
31. Pink tools, like these screwdrivers.
32. A copy of their favorite childhood book. 
33. Wine charms.
34. New razor. Fact: They're expensive and we hate buying them. 
36. Mini bath gels, body sprays, or lotions from Bath & Body Works. 
38. Movie tickets for a date night.
39. Pretty camera case or camera strap. 
40. Mini martini or wine glasses (Pier 1 has a lot of mini things like this). 
41. Pumice stone.
42. CDs (like Taylor Swift, Adele, or Glee)
43. A subscription to Cosmo (only $10 on Amazon right now). 
44. Heat protectant hair spray, if they curl or straighten their hair a lot.
45. Sample-sized packages of coffee. 
46. Pepper spray. What? We live in a suspicious world sometimes. 
48. Gift cards for manicures.
49. Mini tripod for camera or phone.
50. A souvenir from a place that means something to both of you. Did you go to Disneyland this year? Order a Christmas ornament from the Disney store. Hawaii? It exists. Get creative. 


52. Favorite childhood candy, like Pop Rocks or Candy Buttons.
53. Stylus for touch-screen technological things.
54. Earbuds.
55. Whiskey cubes.
56. Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Put them in a fancy tin!
57. Axe body spray.
59. Does he cook? This pastasaurus pasta server.
60. Fisher space pen (I've seen these at Staples) or an extra nice pen.
61. Stress ball.
62. Universal remote.
63. Popcorn seasonings or their favorite seasonings for barbecuing/cooking.
65. Screen protectors for iPods or iPads.
66. A letter opener. 
67. An audiobook for guys who commute.
68. Their favorite soda or energy drink.
69. A pair of pajama pants, rolled up & tied with a bow. 
71. A customized dogtag necklace. 
73. Mini Tabasco sauces. 
74. A barbeque tool.
76. Things to clean keyboards, iPad/computer screens, camera lenses, whatever they're into. 
79. Portable speakers for their iPod. 
81. Liqueur-filled chocolates.
82. Playmore Notepad (paper that looks like baseballs, basketballs, footballs, etc. when crumpled)
83. Hickory Farms beef sausage. Always.
84. Blank CDs for burning music onto.
85. Shaving kit or replacement blades.
86. A box of their favorite Little Debbie snack. (This would work for anyone... I still give my dad Nutty Bars every year.)
87. Pocket knife. 
89. A small Nerf gun. 
90. Personalized M&Ms. 
91. Sunglasses.
92. Portable radio. 
94. Moose Munch from Harry & David or homemade popcorn mixes.
96. If you're in a long-distance relationship: a travel-size game of Battleship for playing over the phone.
97. Cocktail shaker.
98. A Netflix subscription. 
99. iTunes gift card. 


101. Beaded headbands or flower hairclips.
102. Sparkly nail polish.
105. Old-school diary with a lock & key.
106. American Girl craft kits or friendship bracelet kit.
108. Glitter body sprays, like from Bath & Body Works
109. Charms for a charm bracelet.
110. A mood ring.
111. Easy Bake oven mixes.
113. Anything to play dress-up with, like a tiara or magic wand.
114. Key caps for their keys, like these unicorn ones.
115. Cute phone covers or cell phone charms.
117. Toe socks.
119. Small jewelry boxes.
121. Digital photo key chain.
122. A disposable camera.
123. A book of paper dolls, like this
124. Fancy hot chocolates. 
125. Cute pillowcases.


126. Astronaut ice cream.
127. Sheriff's badge or a fireman's hat. Just do it.
130. Mini hand-held games, like 20 Questions or this Space Intruder game. Walmart has a lot of these for $1.  
132. Bucky Balls.
133. Xbox Live points card, a Farmville gift card, whatever they play. 
134. Themed playing cards (like Star Wars Uno).
135. Hot Wheels or Transformers. 
136. DynoBytes sandwich crust cutter (Seen these at Walmart too).
137. Army men parachute jumpers.
138. Small Lego kits.
140. A magnifying glass.
142. A toy lightsaber. Or a real one, no big deal.
143. Laser pens. 
146. Rubber duckies. Bonus points if they're ninjas.
147. A Harry Potter scarf, from their favorite house.
148. A Doodle Track. This is seriously awesome.
149. Party poppers.