Welcome to Bakergirl!

I'm Kerry. I'm a girl and I bake things. But you probably guessed as much, right?

I'm a twenty-something year old working/living/baking in the Bay Area, California, trying to balance being an adult, browning butter, and living life right.

... that usually involves frozen peanut butter cups, iced coffees, running on hidden trails, movie dates with my boyfriend, and hours spent daydreaming of cookie dough and kettlecorn.  

I believe in celebrating the little things in life and that's what this sugary corner of the Internet is all about.

When I started this blog in 2011, it was my refuge from post-college life. When I wasn't sending out resumes and trying to find my place in the world, I started baking. Adding flour, creaming butter, stirring in chocolate... that was much simpler than dealing with interview prepping and lady-blazers.

And it exploded from there!

Now it's my place to pour creativity, share inspiration and bits of my life, and look back on the things I loved... and hopefully inspire others to be fearless in the kitchen too.

It's also my place to make cupcakes... and then totally knock them over.

If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life... it would be kettlecorn.

My favorite thing to bake are cookie blossoms.

My favorite cake is a tie between chocolate stout cake with cream cheese frosting and Texas sheet cake. Unless wedding cake counts. Then yes.

love piping frosting. I consider turning butter & powdered sugar into buttercream magic.

My favorite show will always and forever be Charmed. (Unless The Vampire Diares is on. I can't even...)

My perfect day would involve Christmas, Disneyland, family, and kettlecorn.

I'm training for my first 5K. Running is a new love and I can't wait for my first Color Run (in March!) I've run in four 5Ks this year... and am signed up for at two more.

I seriously cannot make pancakes to save my life.

I crave pumpkin spice lattes during the summer.

If I'm not baking or running, I'm reading. Currently on my bookshelf? The One, Dead Ever After, and Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.

My favorite cookies are anything with peanut butter and marshmallows. Forever & always.

And... I'm addicted to anything that has to do with Harry Potter, Disneyland, or cheesecake. It's just who I am.

Feel free to contact me! I love hearing from you. Emails can be sent to bakergirlblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

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