Thursday, May 26, 2011

Disneyland Things.

1. First and foremost: I conquered this.
2. Has anyone ever walked through Disneyland's House of the Future? I want to live there, maybe even more so than I want to live here: 
I'd never been inside Innoventions before... maybe because it's next-door to Space Mountain and let's be serious. But I'm so glad Space Mountain had an hour-long wait that we went inside. Here's the kitchen of the future (because you know that's the first room I beelined for):
It doesn't look like much. But that counter? It lights up and displays recipes for you on command. 
If you're missing an ingredient or if your eggs have expired, it will even tell you that. Or if you say, Kitchen. What can I make with cinnamon and sugar and butter? It'll give you the recipes to choose from. And then the kitchen reads them to you while you bake! Which I wouldn't like so much, but since all of my recipes usually end up lost or covered in melted butter and flour, it would be convenient to have them displayed digitally on the counter. 

Or on this. 
It does all sorts of fancy things. 

I would probably just watch Glee.

3. Things I saw:
Pretty flowers.
My favoritest character (after Belle). And... 

4. World of Color = one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. If you ever go though, be sure to line up for your seats really early... we missed a lot of it because we were stuck on the side. 

5. I drew a duck! 
6. I have a new dream job: parole officer U.S.Marshal crime analyst a Disneyland baker!
Chocolatey things being made on Main Street. I think these are pecan turtles? 
Rocky road cups. 
Big, fat, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and white chocolate raspberry cookies from California Adventure. I meant to get one of the raspberry cookies, but never did. Is it wrong to take photos of cookies purely for inspiration when recreating them later? 
Chocolate chip cookies with sea salt and white chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chunks and toffee bits. 
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter chunk cookies. Look at those peanut butter disks. The swirls of creamy peanut butter.

I'm in love. 
Daniel got one of these. Rice Krispie treats bricks studded with M&Ms. 

If you look really closely, you can see my sparkly tiara in the reflection. 

... which I'm still wearing. 

(I can't wait to go back!)


  1. Looks like a fabulous time! All of the sweets look delicious!

  2. What a fabulous time you would have had! The alice in wonderland character made me squeal! It'd be so cool to see all those characters in real life. And rocky road cups? YUM!

  3. wow, looks wonderful and those rice krispies with m&m;s just looks adorable, bet they taste better than ordinary ones~

  4. Those raspberry cookies are my FAVORITE thing from Disneyland (besides the peanut butter fudge. And the kettle corn. And the lemon slushie, and the mint juleps). They are seriously yummy. I have been looking for a copycat recipe for forever now; that is how I stumbled onto your blog. See how Disney magic works?! Even if there isn't a recipe for those cookies, you have plenty of other great looking recipes to try.

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