Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Gift Inspiration.

Real life. Because people are difficult to shop for.


A stylus for touchscreen technological things. I got this one for my dad, which is supposed to work with iPads, Kindle Fires, Droid phones, and a bunch of other things.
Old movies on BluRay. This is going in my dad's stocking this year. It came out in 1956 and was the first VHS tape my parents ever bought when they got married. They had to save up for it... because it cost about $80 back then. 
.... I bought this for $7.99 at Best Buy. 

The Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus books. Technically these books aren't for grown-ups, but I've read them and my boyfriend loves them and it's pretty safe to say that if there's a man in your life who's into Greek mythology or the Harry Potter series, then he'll love these.  
The new Kinect Disneyland Adventures game. My boyfriend won't stop talking about this. Apparently you can walk around the park, interact with all the Disney characters, experience attractions, and go on magical quests. 
An Autobots decal. If your boyfriend's like mine, then trust me: he's going to want this on his mode of transportation. I got this shiny silver decal for less than $3 off Amazon.  
I think these Star Wars USB flash drives from Best Buy are kind of cute. 
This universal remote magic wand. Change channels with a swish, turn the volume up with a flick. Works with anything that uses a remote control. This is pretty much the most awesome thing I've seen in my life.
A fleece sports team tie-blanket. 
Have you ever made a tie-blanket? They're super fun and easy to make (here's a tutorial) and make great Christmas gifts... because they're made with love and even guys get cold! Pair their favorite team's pattern with a matching color (I used the one above for my boyfriend with a dark navy blue... Joanne's Fabric has a huge selection of fleece) and get to tying. 

When in doubtA Tron lightcycle. Seriously. It's real. (And $55,000.)

doughnut pan. Because seriously, who doesn't want to make doughnuts at home? 
A sparkly Starbucks sleeve!  
recipe scrapbook. I made one of these for my mom last Christmas after we spent a week (seriously) trying to find our favorite buttercream recipe. It was super easy. Fill it with family recipes and never have to search for that one index card again.    
This Christmas my Mom's getting this gorgeous Thomas Kinkade canvas painting. She collects fancy Tinkerbelle things and has wanted this ever since she saw it at Disneyland this year. If there's a Disney lover in your life, I'd really recommend checking out these paintings from the Disney store
I'm going to be honest... this circus animal wafflemaker is on my Christmas list. 
GPS. Just do it. 
I got this touchscreen Garmin last Christmas after getting lost in San Francisco. Let's just say my boyfriend had to Google Earth me out over the phone, it wasn't pretty, and, yeah, maybe I cried a little. My favorite thing about this specific one is being able to see pictures of upcoming exits and things like the one above. Because sometimes freeways get a little crazy and if anyone can confuse "turn left" it's me. 

This fancy purse from Pier 1 reminds me of Hermione's magical beaded bag in Harry Potter. So obviously I probably need it.
This is probably the softest blush brush I've ever felt in my life. It's kind of pricey, but then so is blush.
The Hunger Games trilogy. Read them. Loved them. Team Peeta. 
And speaking of books... get ready for Zac Efron's biceps the next Nicholas Sparks movie with The Lucky One. I liked this book a lot more compared to some of his newer ones. 
Girly electronic things, like this old-fashioned handset I kind of really want...
... or these cute earbud splitters that let two or three people listen to an iPod without that awkward attached-at-the-head dance. 
Some stocking stuffer sorts of things on my list this year are these beaded owl coin bags from Pier 1 that I will secretly use to carry my iPod in...
... and this staple-less panda stapler. I think I use a stapler maybe once a year... but still. It's a panda.
Also it's staple-less so I'm going to assume it works by magic. 

And no big deal, but I want this giraffe whisk from Target. 
When in doubt: A unicorn.
 What's on your Christmas list this year?