Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things. On a Tuesday.

1. My birthday! It happened.

There were Christmas stores, tiaras, family, cake, and balloons, pastries filled with buttercream, pastries filled with coconut and raspberries, sparkly nail polish, adventures in doughnut-making, and a fancy iPod Touch!

I am officially 25...
And totally into it.

2. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I scroll through this celebration board on Pinterest. Is that weird? Something about staring at four hundred plus photos of fireworks and champagne and confetti that fixes me right up.

3. Speaking of Pinterest, I've just sent my boyfriend an email invite.

So really, what I need to know is:

... do I delete my Weddings board? Start a diamond rings board? Can I still pin photos of puppies in mixing bowls?
I die.

4. Oh Kristin Bell? My hero, no big deal.
5. I've been to two crab feeds in 2012. Do you know what that is? You pay money to sit, eat crab, dunk it in butter, repeat over and over, and at the end they gave you a cupcake.

Um... yes.

Also: why is a cheesecake feed not a thing?

6. And last, but not least, a bit of real life.

My boyfriend and I went to the grocery store last week. That's all. Just kidding.

P.S. This is what his cart looked like after I wandered off for two seconds.
Anyway. I needed whipping cream. After finding it, I headed back through the store when I noticed the little email light flashing on my phone. I looked up, saw my boyfriend, and kept walking with my head down, opening my email, type-type-typing, reading with one hand while putting the whipping cream in the cart with the other.

And then I looked up.

... at the happy couple whose cart I had just walked up to and very nonchalantly dropping my groceries into.

By the way, I blame you. It was a blog comment I was reading.

Happy Tuesday & Happy Valentine's Day!