Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall 2012. ❤

I know... it's still fall. There's still salted caramel in the world, leftover Halloween pumpkins in my apartment, Thanksgiving is still another week away... and I even feel like there's one last pumpkin recipe in me. Maybe a bundt cake. Bundt cakes are festive. Something with brown butter icing? Stop it.

But I'm ready to make room for Christmas trees and mistletoe. Maybe because every trip to Target stresses me out, with those sparkling, lit-up Christmas signs and the Christmas trees and the glittery Christmas cards next to all the red and green ornaments, wrapping paper, and bows.

I'm not saying yes... but yes, yes it does.  

So let's get with it and give Fall 2012 the high-five it deserves. 

And then find some dang mistletoe.

Can September just always start like this? 

I spent seven stress-free, totally necessary, slowed-down days in Hawaii. 

Seven days of this. 

And island life.

Girl... I need to get my nails done.

A gem. From me to you.

I saw a sunrise in its entirety. It made me feel small and connected and totally at peace. 

Maybe it was all the mai tais.

Or the fact that at this hour, please... I am basically still asleep.


Hawaii is all about finding little hidden adventures to be had, just tucked off the road in all that green.

Like conquering a fear.

P.S. Swinging bridges are both awesome and terrifying... and I totally crossed this.

What's everyone staring at?


Bucket list! I finally drank out of a coconut.

... and I didn't like it. Coconut water is just not my thing.

In October I went to Disneyland for magical Halloween times.

I finally visited Radiator Springs!

... where the wait for this ride was almost two hours. I waited one hour.

It broke down.

I switched out my coconut for a traffic cone.

How cute is this? The Disneyland monorail is in the Cars Land spirit too. 

Does anyone else watch Once Upon a Time? Because I flipped when I saw this display.

Sigh... to be a little girl for just one more day.





You think I'm joking. 

P.S. Disneyland, what is your secret? How do you make these giant, perfect scooped-shaped cookies with chunks of white chocolate and peanut butter discs? 

Like... I don't even like snickerdoodles that much, but I still devoured three of these. 

Whatever it is, as I get older... Disneyland is still pure magic. From the tallest peak to the smallest (not-so-small) cookie.

Legendary fall? Check.

Okay. Now I'm totally ready for candy canes.