Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Obsessions.

Making homemade cinnamon rolls with my dad. 

Every trip home always results in baking some new buttery, sugary carb with my dad, whether it's pink-glazed old-fashioned cake doughnuts or homemade banana monkey bread muffins. This time, it was giant cinnamon rolls made from homemade yeasty dough with specks of nutmeg wrapped around a ribbon of butter, sugar, and cinnamon. I mean... does it get better than that?     

Just look at how thick and fluffy they are! 

Breaking teaspoons.

Maybe this week I dropped my favorite heart-shaped teaspoon down the sink... and then accidently turned on the garbage disposal. Maybe pink plastic shrapnel flew everywhere. Maybe I blamed it on my boyfriend. With me? Totally possible.  

Maybe I made it up to myself by ordering a new set of teaspoons... and these colorful flower-shaped teaspoons + an adorable new coffee cup I'm absolutely obsessed with. 

The Mortal Instruments. 

Between the movie coming out this summer and spending hours lost in each book, I am completely obsessed. These are the best books I've read since Harry Potter... and I'm only on the third one!

My summer Pinterest board. 

Because it's here! Let's get inspired and eat s'mores.

This new canvas print I could just stare at all day.

I found this super-pink print at Target and it's had a permanent spot on my desk ever since.   

Counting the days down til The Originals. 

A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries? In New Orleans? Totally focused on The Originals? I can't handle it. I need this/more Klaus in my life as soon as possible.

Great Gatsby fashion. 

I have fallen in love. Because yes... I finally saw The Great Gatsby and am now convinced more than ever that I was born into the wrong era. The dresses! The glitter! The music! The Leo! My life is in desperate need of more sparkle and champagne.

And this shirt. No big deal.

Happy end of May! What were you into this month?