Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Thursday List.

1. I woke up this morning to my dad making a batch of salt river bars.
I'm pretty sure I inherited my sense of compulsive baking from him.

We ran out of Club crackers. In case you were wondering, they taste almost as good with Saltines. 

(But even better with breakfast.)

2. Today I'm: making these cookies for my boyfriend, avoiding packing, curling my hair, avoiding packing, watching Tangled for the seventeenth time, avoiding packing...

3.This time tomorrow, I will be bleary-eyed & glaring at Daniel for dragging me out of bed at this hour (but hopefully packed) and singing the following songs on loop as we head off to Disneyland for a weekend of magic:
I will probably also have this look on my face.
I'm so excited I almost want to start packing.


4. Three words: whipped cream vodka. Where can I find this and how fast can it be in my root beer?

5. In no particular order, I am currently craving... Coconut shrimp. A thick slice of banana nut bread, preferably slathered with melting butter. Chocolate chip pancakes. With blueberries. And these.

Oh and a peanut butter cup. In this form. Frozen, please.

I'm a healthy one.

6. Thank God for ExerciseTV.

7. This just in: Daniel bribed his boss with homemade cookies for an extra day off work. What should I make? 

8. These maple scones will change your life forever.
But that's nothing compared to the deliciousness I'm posting tomorrow. 

Happy Thursday!