Wednesday, July 27, 2011


1. You know what I've learned about boys since I've started baking? Boys I'm dating, boys I'm friends with, boys I'm related to, the three or four boys who read this blog... they like it simple. Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies, rich peanut butter fluffernutter gobs (<-- my favoritest cookies ever, btw), iced, lemony black & white cookies, don't even get me started on cupcakes... they're... well, they're nice. And "interesting". But they're kind of like that extra fork at a fancy restaurant. What is this? What's it for? Is this a cookie or a pancake? Why is there an Oreo inside my cookie? Why do you keep baking me things with marshmallows

Real life.

You know what boys really like? Besides soft, flowery-scented hair and phone apps and Michael Bay movies? 

Chocolate chip cookies. Snickerdoodles. Peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Rice Krispie treats. Brownies. Banana bread. Anything with M&Ms.
Simple. Classic. The kind of baked goods they've grown up with. Don't fight it.

2. Side note? Those are my three most boy-requested cookies. Sometimes I rebel. My boyfriend asked for "those peanut butter oatmeal graham cracker thingies" and I made them with homemade brown sugar and bite-size Reese's peanut butter cups.

And then I froze them. And ate them. And eventually got around to giving him one or two.

... I'm just a sparkling awesome girlfriend like that.

The point is... find a boy. Make him these cookies. Expect diamonds. Kisses. Flowers? At least a high-five.
3. Confession: I haven't baked anything in a hundred years.

Okay, two weeks. Two & a half weeks. Since these chocolate cauldron cupcakes. I've made scrambled eggs. Can I post that? No? Well then... this just got awkward.

Real life is happening. I've been visiting my boyfriend, interviewing for a job, eating vanilla bean scones everyday for breakfast and wondering why my pants don't fit. I've seen Harry Potter three times (four, by the time you've read this). I finally organized my baking things, scrubbed the frosting off my camera and put away my tripod for the first time in four months. Instead of baking and photo-ing and editing and posting, I'm finally reading Pioneer Woman's book (do this.), catching up on Pretty Little Liars (what? Yeah, I said it.), and getting back into the groove of eating salads and strawberries for lunch instead of frappuccinos and frozen cupcakes.

In other words... I've been taking a bakecation. Baking was getting stressful & my pants were getting tighter & I just needed some time to, you know, lose twenty ten pounds, read a book, breathe, see Harry Potter four times, paint my toenails sparkly pink, and get back to that place where baking was fun... something I wanted to do, not something I "had" to do because I have nothing to post this week except scrambled eggs.

But I'm starting to dream about banana bread and brownies so I think it's safe to say that my bakecation's almost over.

Hope you're all having a happy summer!