Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet Buddy.

Meet Buddy.

He's a flufferball pufferkins.

And he's kind of my best friend.

And, yeah... maybe that's the bedspread from Twilight. It happens.
Buddy showed up two years ago, huddled stubbornly under my car, and refused to come out until my dad blew him out with a leafblower. And despite that... his favorite person in the entire world is my dad. Unless I'm eating bacon. Go figure.

But that was that. He weighed a whopping five pounds and was shaggy and fluffy, with little button eyes, fat lion paws, a fierce little attitude, and an adorable underbite.
He pretty much demanded a place in our hearts and, well... look at him. No question. Silly puppy. I don't think I stopped holding him for three days straight.
Everything about this little man makes my heart melt.
Even his sleepy, snarly, grouchy face.

So why am I sharing photos of fuzzy puppies instead of brownies, scones, or cake?

Because he's cute. Because I don't wanna edit brownie photos. Because he's cute.
Oh and because he's really, really cute.

P.S. If it's officially fall, why is it like 90 degrees today?

Okay, but really because there's an entire part of my baking and blogging life that you don't get to see. Behind the scene stuff. What happens when the camera's not around.

Like how he chases his tail around my ankles like a miniature tornado... but only when I'm holding hot cookie sheets.

How he sits in front of the oven and stares at me while I bake.
And by "stare" I mean "uses puppy mind control to make me drop pecans everywhere." It's happened.

How his face is always perched just off to the side of whatever I'm trying to take pictures of.
Unless it's snickerdoodles. Then he becomes part ninja. Honestly.
How he tends to unfold of all my clean laundry and play innocent-face while I'm off distracted and frosting cupcakes.
And then tries to destroy the proof. Because everyone knows that cameras are tasty.
Mmmm and camera phones.
And when he's succeeded in tripping me up, making me drop pecans, and otherwise just being in-my-face adorable... he does this.  
And speaking of in-your-face adorable... this is my other sous-chef, Maggie.
Because being this cute is exhausting.