Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have an obsession and it goes like this.

Every morning I stumble out of bed and turn on my computer for some important purpose. You know... things. Legit things. Email. Facebook. Uploading seventy-five photos of brownies. Seeing if the new episode of The Lying Game is online yet. Things.

And the next thing I know, I've just pinned fifteen photos of walk-in closets the size of my house. What?! And now I'm pinning bedazzled stilletos (I don't even wear heels) and every pumpkin recipe in sight. And before I know it, I've made an entire inspiration board full of cupcakes, glittery dresses, and wedding up-dos.
Pinterest. It's addicting. Are you on it? I love seeing what everyone else is pinning and finding new recipes and ideas and inspiration. It makes me feel so creative... even though I've really just been avoiding real life for the last two and a half hours and now my coffee's cold.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds here (which is code for I haven't baked that much lately. Which is code for I made pumpkin bars & ate them all before I could take pictures of them). It's like a sneak-peek inside my brain... or at my Christmas list! Here are ten of my favorite pins/obsessions from this week...

1. Sparkly nails (1, 2, 3, 4). Ob-sessed. I'm especially in love with that chocolate brown. It's so shiny! Confession? I've never had a manicure. Ever. 
I think I should change that.

2. This gorgeous bunk bed reading nook. I love everything about this... the lacy curtain, the bookshelves, the pops of color against the dark wood, the top bunk that I would totally pretend is a princess tower... I could seriously live here. 
3. Or here. Can you imagine? 
4. I'm seriously in love with this idea for wedding photographs. It's so creative! They're taken before the wedding, where the bride and groom can't see each other. I think I'd secretly bubble over with excitement at this point and sneak a peek... (Left photo, right photo)
5. Speaking of weddings... I'm wearing purple heels when I get married. Fact. It's just a bonus if I end up with legs like this too. 
6. I love this pin. I think it's something we all need to remember and hear everyday/right now/I hate scales. I wish I could frame it and hang it in my bathroom. And maybe on my bedroom ceiling and above my dresser and in my car and in the shower... 
7. Can a mixer be sexy? Because it just happened. P.S. Can I have this?
8. Keeping it real. This made me giggle.
9. I love Tangled and everything Disneyland so this pin makes me happy. P.S. I would so do this for Halloween, if I could convince someone to be my Flynn Rider. And, you know, if my hair was maybe a bit longer.
10. And speaking of Halloween, this. Because the only thing better than a pumpkin is an Eric pumpkin.