Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve.

It's the end of November. It's raining. Breaking Dawn is in theaters and there's a turkey in our kitchen.

... you know what I mean.

There's red cups at Starbucks and peppermint syrup in my coffee. Our Christmas tree is up. Mostly.
(P.S. My mom made this garland out of ribbons. Isn't she fancy?) 

There's a tiny silver Christmas tree on the corner of my desk, cinnamon things baking, and popcorn-hot chocolate dinners? I'm serious. It's a thing. 
And, okay, there's still baby pumpkins on my dresser.

Eight of them.

That my best friend left on my doorstep when life was especially upside down.
And my ever-growing list of Things To Bake Immediately (<-- no really. This is real life. I have a list.) mostly involves pumpkin spice and things shaped like ghosts... not cranberry sauce and cornbread stuffing.

But it's okay because I already picked out my Christmas ornament for 2011.
Pier 1. Sparkly things. Do it.

So even though I disappeared for most of October/November (I had a medical exam, a fitness exam, and a psychological exam for a job I'm waiting/holding my breath *right now* to hear from... three separate trips to the San Francisco area, one of which left me stranded for a week with my boyfriend when they told me I needed to come back a few days later, even though I'd only packed one change of clothes... and absolutely no shampoo or make-up.

It was like camping. Only with showers, comfy beds, and Starbucks.

Oh and I had a relationship meltdown. No big deal.) 

And even though life can get stressful and it's the day before Thanksgiving and all I have for you is a picture of a classy turkey I drew when I was younger... I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading, commenting, supporting, and inspiring me... and reminding me daily why I love doing this. Seriously. You're the best. 

Enjoy your day. Spend time with people you love and eat lots of pumpkin pie. I'll be back soon with butter and sugar. And probably some twinkle lights...

Happy Thanksgiving!