Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Things.

1. This needs to be in your life.
2. Did you actually click play... or are you just scrollin' through? Mmhm. On to you.

3. I miss Disneyland. 
Can we go? Okay.

4. What it's like to live with me, Exhibit A.
5. Confession: Friday nights are my favorite. It's the night I ignore the world, put on my favorite pajamas, silence my phone, x out of Facebook, have absolutely nothing to do with baking, and spend several hours watching some seriously classy television, particularly The Vampire Diaries, The Lying Game, The Secret Circle, Ringer, and Pretty Little Liars (Halloween episode tonight!). 
Because obviously I'm secretly 16.

Then I head over here, to's photorecap treasury. If you watch The Vampire Diaries... 
... or The Secret Circle...
 ... I think you should get on this business. It'll make you giggle.

6. Speaking of being 16, I may or may not have just made vampire fangs on my teeth out of candy corn.  

7. I'm planning the most over-the-top, ultimate dream cupcake to celebrate the day I finally, finally land a career. I'm pretty positive it needs to involve this frosting...
... but maybe a caramel or peanut butter swirl instead.

What would your dream cupcake be, if calories, pounds, and carbs stopped existing for 24 hours? Inspire me!