Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Things.

1. If you're reading this right now... I'm probably at work.

And I don't mean baking cookies and chasing absolutely no natural light all over my house. I mean work

I know. It's weird for all of us.

2. This has nothing to do with anything, but I feel the need to be real with you. 

Last week... I fed a donkey.
And maybe a goat or two. 
And, yeah, there were probably some ponies.
3. I'm pretty sure there's a Christmas poltergeist living in our house. Like Peeves, except I've named him Henry and he's full of Christmas spirit. My favorite Christmas cookie book? It ended up behind the wrapping paper. It's disappearance nearly sent me into a tailspin and I had no idea what to bake for, I don't know, fifteen minutes. Our Christmas Vacation DVD completely disappeared and even though all three of us scanned through EVERY. MOVIE. WE. OWN. we couldn't find it... til it appeared the next day, top shelf, right in the middle, in a super obvious red case. 

And the Christmas elf on our mantle? 
 It did this.
Classy, Henry. Classy.

4. Earlier this week I put some leftover vanilla buttercream (and sprinkles. obviously.) on these cookies and nearly died.

5. And that was after I ate this glaze with a spoon. Do it.
6. Have you left a comment on this post yet? There's still two days to left to leave a comment for me there for a chance to win $100 credited to your Serve account. Entries close on Thursday!

7. And now some Christmas cheer.
Kind of.

Merry Christmas week!