Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Things.

1. Remember this list of four thousand stocking stuffers?

On Christmas Eve, my boyfriend handed me a fancy purple water thingy thermos which, at first, I thought was man-code for babe, you should start working out again... until I opened it and found it filled with candy. "It's full of peanut butter cups!" Three second pause. Gasp. "... oh no. YOU READ MY BLOG?!?"

"#11. A new coffee cup, thermos, tumbler. Bonus points if filled with Hershey kisses or peanut butter cups."

He then proceeded to hand me a bag full of...

#5. Mini bottles of wine. <-- Totally drinking them now.

#19. Hair ties & bobby pins.

#34. New razor.

#44. Heat-protectant hair spray.

#46. Pepper spray. No really.

#47. A strawberry slicer.

#48. A manicure gift certificate.

But I think the greatest part was knowing that he cares enough about cookies cupcakes sugar me to stalk me on the Internet. "Why didn't you just tell me you read my blog?" "Because you get so angry when you catch me on there!" 

Yeah. That's probably true. 

... and now that I've re-read that list, I'm kind of permanetly mortified over the fact that he probably read #17, in which I stated that I would "marry him immediately" if he put a tiny framed picture of us in my stocking. I can't even deal.


He didn't give me one. What does that mean? Oh geez.

2. I may be 24, but I still sneak out of bed in the middle of the night to see if Santa's come yet.
... this year he kind of failed at the "under the tree" concept. 

3. I think you know. 
What did Santa bring you this year?