Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What to (Last Minute) Bake This Valentine's Day...

Just a few pink, be-sprinkled, and baked-with-love recipes that I will frantically be baking after work tonight that are perfect for sharing with someone who you love. It's not all chocolate, champagne, and heart-shaped things! 

Dark chocolate raspberry banana bread- Sweet banana bread studded with dark chocolate chunks and fat, pink raspberries. Starting Valentines Day right!

"I Want to Marry You" cookies- A one-pot, one-spoon chocolate chip cookie situation stuffed full of cinnamon, oats, white chocolate chips, semisweet chocolate chips... and the promise of spontaneous declarations of love.  

Mini chocolate chip cookie sandwiches- Because... pink frosting! Roll the sides of these bite-size chocolate chip cookie sandwiches in some pink and red heart sprinkles and you're in.

Pink-glazed old-fashioned cake doughnuts- Crispy, cakey doughnuts covered in pink vanilla icing and sprinkles. That's love.

Brown butter snickerdoodles- A classic recipe with an extra-special twist. These taste like no other snickerdoodle! Someone in your life deserves brown butter. Be that girlfriend.

Cookie pizzas- Because who wants a giant chocolate chip cookie? Said no boyfriend or husband ever. 

Cake batter chocolate chip cookies- What better way to say I love you than festive chocolate chip cookies full of irresistable cake batter flavor and pink and red sprinkles? I can't think of one.

Buttery, soft chocolate chip M&M cookie for one- one giant cookie, a handful of pink, red, and white M&Ms, and... done.

Old-fashioned candy "milkshakes"- I made these last-minute last February 14th and they couldn't have been easier. Ice cream glass, M&Ms, adhesive glue dots (found at Michael's craftstores), pink and white taffy, a cute heart-shaped straw, and ten minutes. People will still be talking about you in July.  

The Baked brownie- The only brownie I could ever love. Chewy, rich, crackly-topped, and absolutely decadent.

Chocolate waffles- The chocolate waffles that led to a legendary kiss.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it's full of pink sugar, sprinkles, and love!