Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Things.

1. I just started a recipe that literally won't be ready to eat for two weeks. Legit. I kind of feel like I'm brewing polyjuice potion... only not. Any guesses? Think Christmas.
Hint: it involves chocolate.
Like that's a surprise.

2. This is my life. 
This is how many chocolate chip espresso bars were left after three days. 

As in... I've already made a second batch. Yeah. That happened.

3. This is also my life. My right-now life. As in... I may or may not be listening to this as we speak. 
And by listening, I mean singing.

... and by singing I mean dancing around my room in between sentences. Do this. Christmas music fixes everything.

P.S. ... it's totally normal to be drinking pumpkin spice coffee and searching for Christmas recipes on Pinterest in the middle of an August afternoon, right?
Okay, good.

... cuz I'm posting Christmas breakfast later this week!