Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Things.

1. I just stirred pumpkin pie spice into my coffee. Too soon?
2. A lesson in confidence: Going to the grocery store and buying the following: Chocolate chip cookies. Triple fudge cake mix. Nutty bars. Large marshmallows. Mini marshmallows. 4 pounds of sugar. And ice cream cones.

I've never felt so self-conscious of my cart. 

(But wait til you see what I made with the mini marshmallows!)

3. On that note, have you ever had a week where you drink too many glasses of wine and emotionally eat your way through too many frozen cupcakes? 

... not that that happened.

If you need me, I'll be gnawing on a stalk of celery all weekend.

4. But at least they were pretty cupcakes!
5. I refuse to watch the season finale of The Vampire Diaries until the new season of True Blood starts. And since that just proves I'm nothing but a fourteen-year-old girl at heart, I'll go ahead & add this: I just watched the Breaking Dawn trailer four times.

And I'm kind of excited. 

6. Team Jacob. In case you were wondering. It's okay, I know you wanted to ask.

I just went there.

7. I've never made a pie before. Today I'm making two! 

8. ... and some chocolate ganache-stuffed cupcakes with either peanut butter or chocolate-vanilla swirled frosting.   
Both the cupcakes & pie (lemon meringue) were requested for a birthday party this weekend and I'm excited to get baking and see how it all turns out. 

... okay, really I just like piping frosting. It's kind of like therapy. 

It's been a week. See #3.