Monday, June 6, 2011

Chewy No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Treats.

Chocolate chip cookies and puffy marshmallows. That's what I'm asking you to put in your face today. 
These over-the-top no-bake cookie bars are perfect for those sweltering, lazy summer days when the thought of turning on your oven makes you want to cry, but you needchocolatenoworelse... and they couldn't be any easier to make. 
Melt marshmallows. Crush cookies. Stir. Dump in pan. 
Simple. Fast. Delicious.

Three ingredients, three minutes, and nothing but swirls of puffy, melted marshmallows and crumbled chocolate chip cookies. And it's every bit as rich and over-the-top as it sounds.

Like... a chewy, cookie Rice Krispie treat, studded with mini chocolate chips instead of crispy cereal.
Or a cookie-flavored marshmallow.

Or a cookie s'more!

... I'm pretty much in love with these.
Look at those cookie crumbles. Dreamy.

These were inspired by Jenny from Picky Palate's no-bake cookies & cream and Nutter Butter cookie bars and are hands-down one of the best things I have ever made, with only one problem: I literally cannot stop eating them. Yeah. That happened.

Chewy No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Treats

Printable Recipe

One 16-ounce package of crispy chocolate chip cookies (the bars won't stay together if you use soft, chewy cookies
5 cups (1 bag) of large marshmallows
4 tablespoons of butter

Place chocolate chip cookies in food processor (or smash in a large Ziplock bag with a rolling pin) and pulse until crumbly, but not ground.
Melt marshmallows and butter in a microwave-safe bowl until puffy, about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Remove and pour in ground cookies.
Quickly stir to combine, then transfer to a 8x8-inch baking dish lined with foil.
Allow to set for 10-15 minutes. Remove bars out of pan by the foil edges. Cut, serve, and enjoy!

Source: Adapted from Picky Palate.