Friday, June 3, 2011

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.

Things I'm excited about, in no particular order: 

Sunny weather. New flip-flops. Blue skies. 

Fresh berries.

True Blood, season four.

Beaches. The ocean. Sand in my toes.

Barbeques. Block parties. Fireworks!

Camping. Hiking. S'mores. 

Fairs. Ferris wheels. Funnel cakes and fried Oreos.

... more hiking. 

Midnight releases of Harry Potter and Breaking Dawn. At least seventeen times.

And these cupcakes. 
I've never been so excited to bake a cupcake or to share a recipe with you.... but then I've never baked anything inside an ice cream cone either.
... note to self: find more things than can be baked inside ice cream cones.
Looking at this now... it's obvious they should've been dipped in or drizzled with some kind of dark chocolate fudge sauce. Swimsuit season, what? It's not officially summer. Until then... fudge sauce. Lots and lots of fudge sauce. 

Also: Walmart ice cream cones tastes like paper. And they break. Easily. Fun fact for you. Ask me how I know.
Just in case you're not totally convinced by their cuteness,   I'll break this down for you. 

Rich chocolate cupcakes (confession: cake mix. Triple chocolate fudge cake mix. I don't normally like using boxed mixes, but sometimes it's 10 PM & you want to bake cupcakes. It happens, right?) Crispy cones. Thick swirls of buttercream frosting looking like vanilla soft-serve.

Oh and sprinkles. Everything is better with sprinkles.
What better way to celebrate the unofficial start to summer then with a fistful of sugar and cake?
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Printable Recipe

24 flat-bottom ice cream cones
1 batch of cupcakes (either homemade or from a boxed mix)
1 batch of your favorite frosting (I used my favorite vanilla buttercream)

Preheat oven according to recipe or boxed cake mix. Place an ice cream cone standing up in each of the wells of a 24-cup muffin pan.

Prepare cupcake batter according to directions and spoon into ice cream cones, filling them 2/3 of the way full.

Bake according to directions, for about 20-23 minutes, or until toothpick inserted into the center of the cupcakes comes out clean. 

When cupcakes have cooled, prepare your frosting and pipe on top in big generous swirls (I used a Wilton #1M tip for these cupcakes). Decorate with...
Source: Adapted from Betty Crocker


  1. Oh I love these! I have been wanting to make them for the kiddos. Maybe this summer?! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, my comments "thingy" is still Blogger. It's called Intense Debate and it is free (yay!). I'm still getting the hang of it.

  2. oh my yum! These look delicious! I love finding new cooking blogs and I am so glad I stumbled upon yours! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would come check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  3. Do they cones stay crispy or go soft when you bake them?

    They look super cute though, love the sprinkles!

  4. Well you have solved my dilemma of what to bake for my grandson's graduation from pre-kindergarten! He loves cupcakes but when you have 24 little people with messy cupcakes it can be a bit much for the best of teachers. These will be perfect, I am very excited to get started, thanks so much for the recipe and the great idea.

  5. Vicki- The cones stay crispy when you bake them, but after a couple of days they can get pretty soft, depending on how moist your cupcakes are.

  6. I have been wanting to try these forever. Yours look great.

  7. I tried to make these for my son's preschool class and let me tell you they looked NOTHING like yours. Your are so pretty and festive.

  8. These look awesome! My son would go crazy over these. They look so perfect! What tip did you use to pipe your icing on?

  9. Allison- Oh no, what happened? Was it a problem with the cupcakes or the frosting?

    LV- Thank you! I used a Wilton #1M tip.

  10. Nice! These are perfect for 4th of July! I made ice cream cone cupcakes once before, but like 5 years ago. Pre blog. Hmmmm...maybe it's time to make them again. :)

  11. Your site is great, just stumble a while a go, I must be your follower.. keep up a new cupcakes recipe.

  12. Do you just pour the cupcake mixture in? so its in the shape of an ice cream cone rather than a cupcake?

  13. Anonymous- Yup, I just poured it in & it becomes the shape of an ice cream cone! I really thought these would explode in the oven, but they didn't. They're fun to eat too, with the cone and all.

  14. you can pour the cupcake mix into muffin wrappers in a cupcake tin, then push the ice cream on into it (upside down) and bake them that way, without having to balance anything.

  15. I just stumbled across this and was wondering if you've ever made the night before to serve the next day. Does it hold up or get kinda soggy? Any new tips you've discovered appreciated. Need to make 48 for a kid's bday party.

  16. Becky- I made the cupcakes the night before & frosted them the next day and they held up. The cones don't get soggy until about Day 3.

  17. I was making cone cupcakes for my kids over 20 years ago. Now my school-teacher daughter makes them for her classroom kids. Always a hit with the kids.

  18. How do you keep the cones from going soft/soggy ...mine weren't exactly soggy but soft almost stale? I tried poking the bottom of the cone after baking to let the heat out but that didn't work. It could've been my cupcake batter :S
    Any tips?

  19. I remember making these for a B-Day party for one of my girls over 20 years ago. NowI want to try this with the Mini-cones available at Lucky Stores. They would be perfect for toddlers who have small hands and don't eat that much anyway.

  20. I also had the same issue..after baking and letting cool I ate one and thought the cone tasted stale..but rhey didn't before baking...I've got to make some for a kids birthday party and i will feel bad if I get complaints of staleness