Thursday, April 14, 2011

Food That Should Exist.

Or if it does exist, should find its way to my doorstep.

1. Peanut butter cup frappuccinos.

2. New flavors of chocolate chips: raspberry (I know I've seen these before), mocha, triple chocolate (milk, dark, and white), ooooh... and a white chocolate chip with raspberry swirls. 

And am the only person who thinks Lindt should make chocolate chips? 
3. Chocolate-covered marshmallows, the size of M&Ms. Or just marshmallow M&Ms! Imagine the s'mores cookies you could create with those. Bonus points if the marshmallow bits have a graham cracker layer too. S'mores M&Ms! 
4. Anyone work in M&M research & development? Because there should also be a peanut butter pretzel M&M.

And a peanut butter white chocolate.

No, really. Why is there no white chocolate?
I heart M&Ms. Have you noticed?

5. Ice cream cones made out graham crackers. I've wanted these ever since I fell in love with strawberry cheesecake ice cream. 

6. Deep fried cake bites. Mmm. Like red velvet bites drizzled with cream cheese icing. Better yet, fried strawberry shortcake bites... little cubes of pound cake, maybe with a layer of strawberry buttercream, fried & served with strawberries & powdered sugar & whipped cream. The type of food you can only get away with eating at a summer fair.

... maybe what I'm really craving is french toast?
7. Lucky Charms marshmallows. Like... bags of just the marshmallows. 

8. Chocolate-flavored heavy whipping cream. I use whipping cream in my coffee... is that weird? This would be a convenient way to make a mocha without using real chocolate. 

9. French toast made with zucchini bread. Or cranberry-orange bread. Banana bread. Croissants!

10. Extra thick, extra fluffy pancakes slit open like a pita bread and stuffed with scrambled eggs & bacon.

Bonus points if shaped like baby elephants.
I'm hungry.


  1. Kraft makes mini chocolate covered marshmallows. :)

  2. Agh, You're making me so hungry! Genious ideas, I agree with every single one!

  3. peanut butter pretzel M&Ms would be AMAZING!

  4. omg! now youve got me wanting to bake! hmmm YOU SHOULD InVENT some of these things!! youd be RICH!!!

  5. Yes yes yes to all your ideas! Love the elephant shaped pancake too!


  7. SOLID list. people in product development should consult w/us.

  8. Guittard actually makes a capucchino chip. does that count?

  9. Now you have made me really hungry. I am sitting eating blah popcorn and now I want some M&M's, to the candy stash I must go and I haven't even had lunch yet. Maybe a peanut butter and M&M sandwich :)

  10. That frappuchino needs to happen now.

  11. I find bags of the Lucky Charms marshmallows at bulk/grocery Mennonite or Amish grocery stores. They're delicious and super cheap!

  12. haha i just stumbled across your blog and this list is halarious!

  13. A coffee shop near me uses a bit of chocolate syrup mixed in with whipping cream in one of those whipped cream cannisters (with the air pressure to make it whipped) to make chocolate whipped cream for their mochas.

  14. hey, i've just eaten cookies with wite chocolate and raspberries, by walkers, scottish firm :))
    GREAT blog, i love you!!

  15. It is awesome list.I wasn't aware of this feature of this article.thanks!

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