Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Things.

1. I just bought 4 pounds of the prettiest, juiciest strawberries.
Because I love strawberries. And because you can't eat cupcakes everyday. 

At least not for breakfast. 

2. I also bought a can of pumpkin. In April. Send help.

3. I tried to bake cinnamon donut holes for Easter. This happened.

Flat, cakey breakfast snickerdoodles with a flaky crust of cinnamon-sugar. 

They were delicious.

But not very pretty. Does anyone have a recipe for donut holes that don't turn into pancakes? 

3. Speaking of mishaps & snickerdoodles, I found this photo buried from last Christmas that I don't even remember taking. 
I feel bad for whoever ate that cookie. 

(It was probably me.)

Sneaky puppy.

4. I've been rereading all the Harry Potter books (again) and have watched The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 at least seventeen times by now. I have no idea what a pumpkin pasty, a treacle tart, or a cauldron cake is, but I want them all for dinner. 

With pumpkin juice.

5. ... that might explain why I bought pumpkin. 

6. I just ate a spoonful of peanut butter slathered onto a strawberry. Don't be like me. 


  1. That picture of your puppy licking the cookie is hilarious! I'm glad I'm not the only one going strawberry crazy lately.

  2. hehe, this whole post makes me giggle.

  3. I've eaten pb with lots of foods, but never strawberry. I bet it was good, huh?

  4. The little puppy is so cute!

    Pumpkin pasties are like a Cornish pastie which is a savory pastry circle (like pie pastry) filled with filling on one side then folded over into a halfmoon shape and baked in the oven, I guess you could just make it with a normal pumpkin pie pastry and filling?

    Treacle tart is very similar to your pecan pie bars (which were delicious btw), without the nuts and substituting the corn syrup for treacle so they are much sweeter and denser (look on google), I prefered your pecan pie!