Monday, September 29, 2014

{The Only} Things Worth Baking.

A list of the only recipes ever worth baking of the nearly 200 I've shared in this sugary corner. And my first post of 2014! ... so of course it all starts with pumpkin spice.

If anything was ever going to pull me back into this crazy little baking corner of mine full of buttercream and bundt cakes, it would be fall. Something about the cooler weather, the changing leaves, the cozy, rainy afternoons spent reading with a pumpkin spice cinnamon roll candle, a homemade pumpkin spice latte with an unnecessary/totally necessary amount of whipped cream and cinnamon, and, if I can help it, just about everything ever pumpkin spice that I can find. 

Because this is a real thing and it's happening (P.S. I need this print in my life/kitchen!)

Fall, PSLs, that hint of Christmas popping up when you least expect it... it's all drawing me back in. Sparking that creative fire that burnt out at the end of last year. Well. That and my camera shattered, my computer died, and my jeans no longer buttoned. 

I blame the Christmas cookies. Possibly all the champagne.

Now? I just want to bake cinnamon cookies and pumpkin rolls and use the new madeleine pan I got last Christmas. I think I want to try baking doughnuts again. I definitely want to re-make more than a few recipes on this site. I want to make obsessive lists of things I'm in love with and share all the unimportant bits of my life on Instagram and tell you how I've run five 5ks this year and have lost my mind/am currently training for a Disneyland 10k. There's so much I have to say and so many ideas that I just can't keep quiet anymore. 

I think this print from Bring Joy says it perfectly. I miss this life! 

Maybe you've just found this blog or maybe you're a Day 1 follower. Either way, you look nice today and I'm glad you're here. 

I wanted to share everything worth baking on this blog with you so we all have a good place to restart this baking adventure. Out of the almost two hundred recipes I've shared with you, these are the ones I return to over and over, all the things worth baking

    Quick Breads 

    Cookies & Bars

    Cakes & Cupcakes


Coming Soon..

A pumpkin s'mores twist on a classic Christmas cookie.

A remake of one of my most Pinterest-ed recipes (any guesses?). 

And let's keep it simple: a pumpkin roll. It's been on my fall bucket list for years!