Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summertown Recipes.

Summer is here and it's happening. There is sparkly pink nail polish on my toes, a Stephanie Plum book in my lap, and I am in love with June... especially the last four days of funnel cakes and sunburns vacation spent at home, eating giant bags of salty-sweet kettlecorn for breakfast, seeing my family, and working at the arts & craft show in our hometown summer festival with my dad. Isn't he crafty? He makes all those wooden toys and pens. I just put sprinkles of things and feel creative. 

But now it's almost July and it's time to get serious about this thing. Time to bake in red, white, and blue, put booze in your popsicles, and stay up late watching True Blood. Since I've been baking a lot of already-blogged recipes lately, it's only logical I share some of my old and new favorites with you. Here are my top summery picks. Add some sugar to your summer!

Cupcakes full of chocolate chip cheesecake..
Cupcakes in ice cream cones.
Brown butter chocolate chunk cookies.
Cookies that taste like strawberry shortcake.
Cheesecake cookie sandwiches.
Or mini cookies full of buttercream. Roll them in sprinkles!
Cookies that make you fall in love.
Cookies with oats and chocolate
Fluffernutter chocolate gobs. Like a peanut butter s'mores... in cookie form.
And pizza pans!
Rocky road brownie bites. Fickle and full of extra work, but so so worth it.
 Graham cracker s'mores candy.
And more chocolatey cracker candy
Cakey lemon bars. Always.
Peanut butter crunch s'mores bars.
No-bake chocolate chip cookie treats.
Chocolatey avalanche bars. Rice Krispies, marshmallows, white chocolate, & peanut butter. It's love.
Fudgey chocolate brownies.
Chocolate chip espresso bars.
Snickerdoodle blondies. With scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. Sometimes summer is cinnamony!
Texas sheet cake. A classic.
Everyone needs cake in their summer. Especially chocolate malt cake.
 Old-fashioned cake doughnuts.
Cinnamon-peach doughnuts with maple frosting.
Chocolate waffles.
Baked sugar cookie peaches.
Crazy feta.
Happy summer!